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Hi everybody and welcome to Crossfitips. On this website, you can find pieces of advice about the equipment required, nutrition and crossfit in general.

What is Crossfit ?

Crossfit is a core strength and conditioning program combining gymnastics, weightlifting and endurance. It was developed in the US in 1996 by Greg Glassman.  It is characterized by daily exercices called WOD (workout of the day) using varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Crossfit aims at optimizing ones’ strength, power, speed, flexibility, stamina, balance, in a word it aims at becoming a really polyvalent athlete.  You can practice this sport regardless of your physical condition. Each part of the workout can and will be adapted for you as the coach is here to advise you and make you achieve your best.

Why do we love crossfit :

  • a strong community
  • accurate and specific advice from the coach
  • positive attitude
  • unique wod everyday
  • polyvalence
  • you can go back every day, a crossfit session boosts you it doesn’t make you feel bad the whole day
  • lessons schedule can match with busy lives with sessions really early in the morning and really late in the afternoon

Where can I practice crossfit ?

Crossfit clubs are called « box » : a big room with all the equipment you will need for the wod. A lot of cities have at least one crossfit box so just check online where is the closest box ! Crossfit is an international community, wherever you live or travel, you can join any box even if it’s just for a day. 

How will my body change ?

If you want to build up muscles or lose weight it is the right place to go to. But the first purpose of crossfit is to make you grow stronger, aesthetics goes after. That is why you will never find mirrors in a box. But don’t worry, you will see the results of your efforts fast enough. 

How to avoid injuries ?

As crossfit relies on high intensity, injuries can be frequent. You can prevent them thanks to good warm ups but also by listening to your body : if you feel tired or hurt just rest ! You can also prevent injuries by using the appropriate Crossfit accessories. On the website you will find tips about these accessories, how to choose them, how to use them  where to find them.

Do I need any equipment?

If you practice in a box, you just need good outfit.  But if you also want to train at home, you will find on this website everything you need to get started.