About us

Hi everybody and welcome to Crossfitips.  We are Matthew and Marine and we are crazy about crossfit. We created this website in order to provide you with pieces of advice about the equipment required, nutrition and crossfit in general.

On our website, we will test and compare several products so that you have all the information you need to make the best choice. We want you to be able to reach your goals and objectives and achieve your best performance.

How did we discover crossfit?


Matthew : I have always loved and practiced sports. I was a football player during college so I was used to being really fit. But when I began to work, I started putting on weight: I took 40 pounds. I lost all kind of self-confidence and it began overflowing on my work life. I wanted to take back control of my life and crossfit appeared to be the perfect fit for me.


Marine : I never really cared about sports. Before I started crossfit 3 years ago, I ran and went regularly to the gym but after two years I got bored. I just felt that without a coach I wasn’t as effective as I could be, I wasn’t trying my best. I love challenges and then I discovered crossfit. This sport forces out of my comfort zone,and involves surpassing myself. I am never disappointed!

Crossfit deeply changed both our lives. We look healthier, feel healthier and live healthier. We get better results at work, we manage to wake up earlier, we feel like we are happier and better persons. We do feel good.This website is dedicated to every crossfit lover, may you be beginner or confirmed or just curious about it.

What you will find on our website
  • Tips from our experience in crossfit
  • Our products tests
  • Our top products selection
  • Selections of videos explaining crossfit movements.

What you will not find on this website
  • A coaching program, because we are amateurs, not crossfit coaches
  • Sponsored tests, we want to stay objective and give you the best advice possible.

Enjoy your journey on Crossfitips.com !