What to eat before, during and after a crossfit workout ?


You must already have heard : “ Run in the morning before you have breakfast, it will burn fat”. Ok but not ok. If you exercise on an empty stomach, you will draw on your muscle mass to get some energy unless you are performing a moderate and short exercise.


Eating well before exercising is important, what to eat then?


Generally, you’d better avoid fat-rich, high fructose or sugary products before you train. Don’t eat during the two hours before your workout in order not to suffer from any digestive discomfort. If you cannot wait, choose a calorific and digestible snack such as a banana, that you can eat up to 30 minutes before starting a physical effort.

If you exercise in the morning, you’d rather eat low GI products and consume carbs the day before in order to avoid craving ! The perfect breakfast counts a yoghurt with muesli and fresh or dried fruits.

If you exercise in the afternoon or in the evening, pay attention to your lunch : opt for a dish rich in carbs, rich in proteins but poor in fats.


What to eat after exercising ?


It is interesting to eat within the 30 minutes right after your training because it is during this time that the body builds up energy reserves and fixes damaged muscles.

Avoid fatty and sugary food that will slow down your digestion and your recovery process. Just after the effort, the body needs high carbs and high proteins food. A fruit is a great snack after a workout. You can also eat something salty as you lose sodium while sweating.


Should you eat while exercising ?


You do not need to eat nor drink during your workout, except if it is an intense training or if it exceeds 75 minutes.

During the effort, your body undergoes many mechanical and chemical changes. That is why you cannot eat anything. Your snacks have to be both digestible and calorific.

The body cannot digest more than 180 to 200 calories per hour so pay attention to what you eat while performing your long efforts in order avoid any inconvenience. 


Hydration is life


Good hydration is essential. It is recognized that a simple 1% dehydration reduces physical capability by 10%. Watch out, perspiring is not only giving away water but also mineral salts. Opt for a water rich in bicarbonates. Distrust energy drinks that contain too much sugar and caffeine.

Make your own effort drink ! Mix ⅔ water with ⅓ fruit juice and add one or two pinches of salt.